We are called to help our brothers and sisters. Sometimes this means helping those who are helping others. Can you help?

We provide food to over 100 families each week at 7260 Smoky Row Rd., in a space provided by Smoky Row Brethren Church. We are dedicated to helping those who are hungry.  We are open every weekend of the year. We have been serving the hungry and needy in our community since 2006.

We are a service that helps those people that other social programs do not cover. This means that even if they do not qualify for a program like food stamps we help them out.

Many of our local food banks only serve poverty level clients. We provide for the individuals and families that do not qualify for government aide, but still fall into the category of temporary need. Business support and donations enable our efforts to distribute to the needs of the disadvantaged within our community. It is only through this corporate support that we are able to continue to meet these needs.